Friday, May 26, 2017

Saying Goodbye To This Cardigan, But The Beaded Mules Are Keepers

 I like the color of this cardigan, but not the way the buttons start so low in front.  It just wasn't comforably covering me.  I was tugging on it all day. I didn't like the way it looked left open either.
I did wear it draped over my shoulders once and I did like that look.  But I asked myself "Do I really want to hang onto this cardigan to wear only on those occasions when I want to drape it over my shoulders?".  My answer to self was "No...let it go, Lisa".  So I did.  I redonated it back to the thrift store.
Sometimes I have to have little persuasive talks with myself in order to take action and purge unnecessary clothing items. :)
 How cute are these little beaded slip on mules?  I love the colors and mules are a comfy shoe for me.  I thrifted these 2 years ago for $5.59.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Simple Black

I love the simplicity of this outfit.  It perfectly suits my style.  The base is just a pair of black jeans and a sweatshirt/sweater.  I added a cute pair of loafers with bow detail, a little neck scarf from ebay and a pair of earrings I thrifted for only 69 cents.
This could absolutely be my daily "uniform". 

Have you ever asked yourself the question..."What pieces in my closet would I choose if I could only pick one top, one bottom, and one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life?  You know...a sort of if I were stranded on a desert island type question.

What items would you choose?

When I think of the answer to that question for myself and consider my fantasies of having the wardrobe of a minimalist.... I imagine how it would be to have just a few pieces of clothing reflective of what I'm wearing here.  A few pieces that I really love, feel good in, and could wear all the time.
Would I feel freedom in that choice?  Would I get bored?  Maybe I'll make it happen someday and find out.
I am pretty proud of myself for seriously cutting back on my thrifting.  My goal this year is to spend less than half of what I did last year.  So far so good!

black jeans $3.49 Forever 21
top $2.99 August Silk
black/gold hoop earrings .69 cents

purse $8 Fossil
loafers $3.59 Anne Klein
scarf $1.80 via ebay

Friday, May 19, 2017

Argyle For Spring

jeans $5.59 Sonoma
tee $1.49 gnu
argyle cardigan $2.49 Cherokee
purse $6.40 Sag Harbor
ballet slippers $7.99 Gap

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Touches of Turquoise - Shopping My Closet to Get the Look for Less

Touches of Turquoise

WearAll brown top
$14 -

River Island denim pants
$80 -

Tod s white loafer
$446 -

Nine West white tote bag
$89 -

Resin jewelry
$29 -

Franco Ferrari silk shawl
$245 -

MAC Cosmetics glossy lipstick
$17 -

My thrifted version from shopping my closet.

jeans $5.59 Sonoma
white tee $1 Chico's 
cardigan $6.80 Jeanne Pierre
scarf $3.99
purse $5.59 Aldo
white loafers $5.59 Easy Spirit